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American Standard, Safety Tubs LLC, Grand Prairie, TX Rip off Beware Safety Tubs LLC, American Standard, Grand Prairie, TX is advertising for contractors again- They are worse than used car salesmen, flim flam. I didn't get paid what they owe me Safety Tubs LLC of Texas Doing Business under the American Standard Brand name.

Company has about 150 employees. I thought I was working for American Standard for two months, since they have that on all their letter head, our shirts, and answer the phone that way. If I had known they were some small company I would never have let them owe all that money to me, and would have demanded money up front. The Safety Tub LLC name is always in small print.

American Standard owns Safety Tubs, but doesn't back them up, is not responsible for anything they do wrong. They found every excuse not to pay me for work that I did, saying that the invoice format is wrong, or they are waiting on a toilet seat backordered for 4 weeks, or another excuse. They claimed to pay their contractors 2 weeks after the install, the earliest they have paid was about month and a half. They may tell you they had to completely reinstall the tub, and not pay you after that without offering any proof as they did to me 8 months later.

They tell you it only takes 2 days to install the tubs, when it will; usually take a lot longer. If they have a small problem with the tub afterward, they may pay someone else too much, and deduct the full amount from what is owed you rather than simply fix the problem, saying they have an invoice from someone else. For example, customer thinks there is too much caulk, they will pay another installer to redo electrical and everything at your expense, and say they have a bill from this guy. , They ended up owing me $14,,000 as the subcontractor, which they still have not paid after ITS BEEN ALMOST A YEAR.

They had me work two months driving hours away to do their installs, paying out of my own pocket my help and did not pay me for most of what I did. They asked me to sign a non-compete agreement, and hold you solely responsible for any problems. Don't sign what they offer you. Any problems such as a customer seeing the same tub in home depot for 1/4 the price, management will say its not the same tub or a similar model.

You have to do unlimited $100-175 service calls to PLACES HOURS AWAY that could take all day, on installs you didn't do in some cases. Almost every bathroom you work on, the door frame will not be wide enough for the tub, and you will spend hours disassembling the door frames to get the tub inside, and reassembling. If anything breaks during installation, you will be responsible, in some cases for the lack of maintenance of the homeowner, since it leaked when you touched it during the install, at no additional compensation most of the time. They offer free or low cost financing in many cases, so they are marketing $15,000 tubs, to houses barely worth $30,000, that are 100 years old.

Most of the walls be may be un-square, and un-plumb, and you will be responsible for fixing that for free if it comes up according to them. One house I ended up almost having to re-pipe all the waterlines around the bathroom at no additional compensation, otherwise customers complaint will be on me for being the last to work on it. The management, Mark Phillips, the regional install manager is the most unscrupulous person I have ever met. He will tell you do redo something, and then pay someone else to redo your work before you finish, and not pay you for the job at all.

He even tried to make up fraudulent invoices for charges they had, where customer said they didn't have that work done, and charge the installer (me)for this. He figures its not his money so he doesn't have to account for how he spends it, and doesn't care. The only way they get away not paying installers is because they aren't registered to do business in my state, don't have any offices in the state to which makes it harder to sue them here. Unless they paid in advance, which probably won't happen I wouldn't suggest working for them.

They told me to wait long enough, not to file liens against their customers which would have put pressure on them, while they calculate your paperwork so that they get paid, and then they didn't pay me. Don't buy their tubs, get one at Home Depot for $3500, or choose a different Brand. All the tubs have similar features and share many components such has motors, and pumps. And if you are thinking about selling or installing their tubs, know that they will probably do the same thing to you, and not pay you for your work.

American Standard, Safety Tubs Company LLC threatened to sue me for slander, but everything I'm saying is true, and I want the truth to be known about this company. They offer to settle for much less than they owed me, I can see how that would increase there bottom line.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Safety Tubs - American Standard

Not resolved

Contracted to have Walk-in Bathtub installed. Also called Safety tubs LLC, they are the most crooked company I know of.

They promise everything, don't pay their contractors, and hide out of state in Texas beyond easy reach of the law. They are not even registered in the state of NJ to business with the secretary of State. The tub leaks all the time, company promises everything to get the sale and then does not deliver. I got a lien put on my house as a result of them not paying the contractor, even though I paid my bill in full.

Now it is too late to do anything. Don't recommend buying any product from American Standard, and or Safety Tubs LLC, or Texas

Product or Service Mentioned: Safety Tubs Bathtub Installation.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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